Ildi Dikidama-Molnar


Ildiko Dikidama-Molnar

Ildi is a LTA licensed, level 3 (former DCA) tennis coach and PTR Tennis Instructor.

She enjoys coaching both adults and children of all standards. While she enjoys coaching at all levels, she is a big fan of the LTA Mini Tennis Programme, including Toddler Tennis, and through teaching her young daughter has gained an even greater understanding of young children’s perspective.

Ildi started playing tennis when she was seven years old, at a tennis primary school in Budapest. There was a test to get in, and for the first four years the whole class trained together before and after school, both at school and at a nearby tennis club. Playing so much tennis helped them all develop the basics very well! Ildi also played volleyball and athletics from an early age. Later, Ildi moved up to the performance sessions at her local tennis club with three other classmates, She then started helping out in tennis camps when she was a teenager, and soon after started her own sessions.

If she could, Ildi would love to coach Roger Federer – who she thinks is the best player ever!

When Ildi is not playing tennis she likes watching lots of different sports.

Ildi can be contacted on or 07413 014669